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  1. Removable acrylic canister holds mouthwash with the ability to add dentist prescribed medical solutions. Fluoride, plain or salt water may be added for those suffering from a variety of dental diseases.
  2. Refilling takes less than a minute.
  3. Designed for multiple cleanings prior to refilling.
  4. A control valve allows you to customize the mouthwash mix and water through an indicator knob on the side of the unit.
  5. Provides a pre-mixed stream of water and mouthwash at a pre-selected pressure and temperature for your desired comfort level.
  6. A pressure reducing valve allows the unit to adjust both city and well system pressures to the optimal operating pressure.
  7. A color coded pressure gauge indicates the power level at which your unit is operating.
  8. A quick release push button on the front of the unit enables the user to bypass cold water and obtain your desired temperature in seconds.
  9. No motorized parts to break down or make noise.
  10. A 10’ polyurethane hose with outstanding memory and flexibility enables the user the ability to clean his/her teeth either in the shower or nearby basin.
  11. The unit comes with a special low velocity jet for special cleaning and irrigation after certain dental procedures.
  12. A jet holder that holds three additional jets.
  13. Modular hose connection allows for personalized use for home, spa, college dorms, assisted living residences, or hospital environments.
  14. Adjustable wall mount assembly.
  15. An ergonomically designed jet handle.
  16. There is no spattering of water on the counter or nearby mirror.
  17. There is no cumbersome unit to be stored on or beneath the vanity.


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