1. QUESTION: How does it work?

ANSWER: When connected to a showerhead device, water pressure activates the SHOWERDENT® Unit. Once activated, the Unit allows water to mix with mouthwash or prescribed medications, at a pre-selected temperature and pressure.

2. QUESTION: Is the Unit hard to install?

ANSWER: SHOWERDENT® installs easily in minutes on any standard showerhead. If you can replace your existing showerhead, you can easily install the SHOWERDENT® Unit. The only tools required are a small pair of wrenches and / or pliers.
(1) Please view our Installation Video.
(2) Full installation and safety instructions included with Unit.

3. QUESTION: Is it difficult to fill the Unit with mouthwash or prescribed medicines?

ANSWER: Refilling takes less than one minute. First make sure your shower is turned off. Then remove the drain plug on the bottom of the clear acrylic canister to allow the water surrounding the inside bag to drain. Next, twist off the canister by turning to the left. Then refill the plastic bag with your favorite mouthwash. Reinstall by simply reconnecting the canister and turning to the right until snug.

NOTE: Once the shower is turned off, you can remove the canister from the shower and bring to a nearby basin to remove the bottom plug. This allows the canister to drain into the basin instead of the shower. Then stand the Unit upright and refill.

4. QUESTION: Why is Showerdent® better than other oral irrigators?

(A) With other irrigators, they must be filled after every use. SHOWERDENT® has a refillable plastic bag that will last between three to ten days, depending on usage.
(B) The mouthwash mixture is controlled with a needle valve control knob on the side of the Unit. This valve allows for incremental adjustment.
(C) There is a color coded pressure gauge on the face of the Unit which allows the user the ability to see the pressure levels the unit is operating at.
(D) The pressure is adjustable by the use of a pressure regulating valve which is mounted on the top of the Unit. (Allows for adjustment of both city and well system pressures.)
(E) The Unit contains a quick release push button by-pass valve on the front of the Unit. This enables the user to adjust the temperature of water quickly, by discharging water before it enters the Unit without releasing mouthwash.
(F) The Unit requires no electricity, making it totally safe.
(G) SHOWERDENT® allows you to mix mouthwash or prescribed medications with water in a precisely controlled mix ratio.
(H) No motorized parts to break down or make noise.

5. QUESTION: Can It Be Used By Someone With Dental Braces?

ANSWER: It will prove to be very effective in removing food particles caught inbetween orthodontic Brackets and wires, including places string floss cannot reach.

6. QUESTION: How does it clean my teeth?

ANSWER: Food particles trapped between the teeth and below the gum line cause gingivitis. Tooth brushes reach only approximately 1 mm below the gum line. With SHOWERDENT®, you can remove food and microscopic particles between the teeth and below the gum line.

7. QUESTION: Will it help prevent bad breath?

ANSWER: Yes, because food particles trapped between the teeth harbor an environment for bacteria to grow. Removing these particles helps prevent the build-up of plaque and bad breath.

8. QUESTION: What is the advantage of having a dental hygiene unit in the shower?


  1. It can be used either before, during or after your shower.
  2. It is permanently installed in the shower, eliminating the need for taking up vanity counter space.
  3. It can be used either in the shower or at a nearby basin.

9. QUESTION: Is the Unit safe for a child to use?

ANSWER: Yes, the Unit is designed with an exclusive pressure regulating valve which allows the pressure to be set at very low pressures to accommodate individual needs.

10. QUESTION: Can the Unit be utilized in Health Care Facilities?

ANSWER: Yes, the Unit comes equipped with an exclusive modular plug in hose assembly which would allow for personalized use, i.e. each person can have their own individual hose, handle and jet tips.

11. QUESTION: Why should someone want to use an (Oral) irrigator?

ANSWER: It is the best method of getting a complete stimulating, flushing action, while cleaning between the teeth and gums and at the same time, massaging the gums.



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